Get to Know Christianity

This is a place to get to know Christianity better. You may be a mature, dedicated Christian, or you may just be interested in finding out a bit more for yourself. This site tries to meet the needs of anyone seeking to know God better.

Goals, Games, and Growth

You set your goals, whether it be to learn about topics, characters, books, virtues, or specific lists of Scriptures. We serve up a set of games to help you learn what you wanted while having fun doing it. You can track your progress easily and see your growth, whether alone or in a community.

Scripture Memory

Did we mention Scripture memory? If you want to commit a set of Scriptures to memory, there's no easier way to do it than here. When you remember the original text clearly, it helps you differentiate between what Christianity actually teaches and what people say it teaches. Also, if you want to grow spiritually, writing Scriptures on your heart is a good start.

By Yourself or in Communities

You can have fun and learn at your own pace all by yourself. You can also do it in a community of people, and Virtual Christianity makes that easy. Create a community, invite your friends, and learn together, encouraging and challenging each other along the way.

Spreading the Knowledge of God

Perhaps you've noticed it, but Christianity and the life and teachings of Jesus are not well understood in today's society. Meanwhile, everyone has a smart phone and increasingly incorporates it into every aspect of their lives. Virtual Christianity's goal is to use phones and computers to make the simple, beautiful, practical, and inspiring truths of Christianity available to you and everyone else, whereever they are in the world. What you do with it, of course, is up to you.

Forever at No Charge

Sign up, choose where you want to get started, and start playing. You will find that you learn along the way. Virtual Christianity will never charge you money, nor will it ever sell your private information (see privacy policy). This site is our free gift to you, and we pray that God touches your heart.